Local Orbit Provides Tools for Entrepreneurs Building the New Food Economy

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The relocalization of our food system is happening, slowly but surely, as the demand increases for a stronger connection with the food we eat and the people who grow it. But to rebuild our food systems and continue the growth of a new food economy, it’s not enough to simply plant more lettuce and hope for buyers.

Like any venture, making a food business sustainable and profitable calls for skills and strategies that may not come easy to those who have naturally green thumbs or prowess in the kitchen. But fortunately, there are organizations and businesses out there that do have the ability to supply or teach those skills, so that food producers and consumers can be connected with shorter and more transparent supply chains. One business focusing directly on that is Local Orbit.

“People are hungry for food that’s produced by farmers, ranchers and artisans they know and trust. They want to spend a larger share of their food dollars in their own communities. Local Orbit’s services create stronger, more efficient food networks that can meet the demand for the food produced closer to where we live.

Our flexible, localized tools are designed to support the businesses and organizations that are rebuilding local and regional supply chains.” – Local Orbit

Local Orbit offers a cloud-based platform with just about everything necessary to grow a food business from your backyard or kitchen into a profitable livelihood, enriching the local community at the same time. From supplying e-commerce solutions and inventory management and logistics tools to financial management tools, marketing, and reporting and analysis capabilities, the platform could provide the leverage necessary to not just keep a food-based business afloat, but to enable a more successful and profitable venture.

Find out more, or schedule a free demo of the platform, at Local Orbit.

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