3 Steps to Great Content Marketing For Green Brands

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It’s the hot new buzz word and seems simple at a glance. But how does a green brand…or any brand for that matter put together a strong content marketing program that drives consumers to purchase.

Note that I said, “drive consumers to purchase,” not “drive traffic to the website.” Because website traffic is not the end goal and much of content marketing can be done outside of company properties.


A content marketing strategy must consider the wider world of the web. Strong programs don’t start the brand’s online properties, they start with people. So, let’s start there.

1. Before you develop content, develop brand advocates. This is often easy, as bloggers and social media mavens who already love your product will be writing about it, posting pictures, and in some cases making usage videos. Find these brand fans and cultivate their friendship. Tag them on your Facebook posts and tweet out their content on your company platforms.

2. As you develop the different pieces of your content strategy – company blog, Pinboard, Tumblr, Google+, and/or YouTube, think about the two key ingredients of content marketing. Creation and Curation are very different strategies and brand advocates can help you out with both. Invite your fans to pin, post, and tweet on your company account for specific time periods or events. Invite them to create content and then watch as they broadcast out to their networks. There is no “build it and they will come” in content marketing. You’ll want to rely on your fans to spread the word so give them a reason to do so.

3. Be a part of the community. (Check Out Green Divas or Crafting A Green World for some great examples of this.) Use your handles on the various social media platforms to comment and/or feature your fan’s posts. Use your company blog ID to visit the blogs of your brand advocates. Be part of the community. You will be welcomed and your work will be reciprocated.

It takes a village to make a great content marketing program. Find your village and become part of it.

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Hear Maryanne speak on Social Media for Socially Conscious Brands at Expo East on September 27th! Maryanne Conlin is CPG brand marketer and digital marketing expert, CEO of RedRopes Digital and Partner Digital Strategy, 4GreenPs. A Shorty Award winner for best Green Content on Twitter, she was a member of the IAA team that won the Green Award in 2010 and most recently was a finalist for the PRSA - Los Angeles PRISM awards for social media. She and her team focus on providing strategic marketing direction, custom content for web, mobile and social platforms, social media community management and online promotions and digital advertising solutions for companies in the green, food and Hispanic space. Follow her on Twitter @maryanneconlin