Nothing Like the Sun and Solar City

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Why residential solar power is not more prevalent anywhere in the United States is beyond this writer?  Oh yeah.  The costs associated with installing solar power tend to be a little on the high side.  Well, Solar City is seeking to put an end to the prohibitive high cost of solar and taking their solar expertise and excellence to the streets.

SolarCity is one of the nation’s leading clean energy companies and their proven technology has managed more solar power systems for more homes than similar companies in America.  The approach is to install solar power systems for homes which adhere to the highest engineering standards, yet also allow customers to make the switch from the traditional power grid to solar power in a way that fits the budget by inspiring confidence and having an accessible product.

Even Walmart and eBay have installed SolarCity systems at several of their extensive facility.  The advantage SolarCity offers is that their all-in-one service includes:  custom design, financing, solar panel installation, and ongoing system monitoring and maintenance.   The SolarCity in-house teams in engineering, design, installation, rebate administration, and customer service has attracted the best and brightest (no pun intended) talent in the solar industry.  Their NABCEP certified supervisors have decades of experience.

Saving money by using clean energy is definitely a worthwhile consideration in our current economic climate.  The company offers flexible payment plans which allow people to go solar with little upfront capital costs (typically a large prohibiter for consumers in the past) and lots of pay-off in terms of energy savings, cost effectiveness, and some very basic benefits for Planet Earth.

Energy efficiency is something that is on everyone’s mind.  The SolarCity team has the experience and the technology infrastructure which helps consumers combine solar with all residential or commercial energy sources.  Their holistic approach to examining both gas and electrical use helps find the right energy efficient mix that will work for your ‘bricks and mortar’ home and your pocketbook.

The SolarCity team not only ‘walks the walk,’ they definitely ‘talk the talk.’  Their fleet of service vehicles are fuel efficient, all informational literature is printed on recycled material with soy-based ink, and they have been recognized with meaningful environmental leadership awards by both the Department of Energy and the Aspen Institute.

By providing clean energy to schools, non-profits, governmental organizations, businesses, and homeowners at a lower cost than energy generated by burning fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas; SolarCity is revolutionized the way energy is delivered.   It’s a cleaner, more affordable alternative for any size entity’s monthly utility bill.

By providing customers with a real-time overview of their net energy consumption and carbon footprint,  you can learn how best to save money by using less energy.  The Home Energy Evaluation which SolarCity provides gives consumers the tools to properly diagnose the cause of any high utility bills and energy loss.  Then, their team works with buyers to find custom solutions which offer immediate efficiency remodeling repairs or installations which offer the greatest impact on energy savings.



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