Establishing Green Business Goals for 2013

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Can you believe that another year is already steadily approaching? It seems like just yesterday, we were entering into 2000 and now we’re almost 13 years in. And, just like there are people who make New Year’s Resolutions for their personal lives, this is also the time for businesses to start setting some serious (and realistic) goals for the upcoming year as well.

If you have a green business and you would like a bit of an outline to help to get you thinking about some plans for the next 12 months (give or take a few weeks), we have five that we recommend that you consider:

Set some “greatly realistic” goals. When it comes to setting goals, one thing that you want to be sure of is that you set ones that are challenging, but also attainable and realistic. For this reason, it’s a good idea to set goals in smaller increments. Meaning, rather than an all-out 12-month goal, consider doing three, six and nine month goals and building upon them instead.

Find ways to be more resourceful. Being that you are a green business, chances are, you probably already do things like recycle. However, why not start the year off right with an energy audit? That way, you can get a professional assessment of how you are using energy in your office and suggestions on what you can do to be even more energy-efficient than you already are.

Do some research. One market that continues to grow at a remarkable pace is the “green” one. Plus, thanks to technology, it moves even faster. That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase books, videos and magazines on your own “green industry”, to attend conferences surrounding the matter and to research people who have a like-minded perspective and vision. There are plenty of online green directories such as, and WhosGreenOnline, all of which can connect you to people who have green businesses. You can also go onto websites like LinkedIn for this kind of information too.

Make more, use less. It doesn’t matter what kind of business people are in, if there is one thing that everyone has in common, it’s that they want to make more money, right? However, one angle that a responsible green business has to keep in mind is how to do it in a way that will use less resources rather than more. Therefore, make sure to spend some time with your staff brainstorming on how more “green paper” can come in without all kinds of materials, supplies, energy and electronics being overused in the process.

Do more community service. Another characteristic that makes “green” so special is that it’s community-service oriented. So, make the time to join a couple of non-profit groups that focus on the environment (donate to them as well). Create your own drives to bring awareness to eco-friendly platforms that you are passionate about. Offer free of charge trainings to your staff, so that they can learn more about the workplace and the environment. Hire more interns in the upcoming semester. All of these are little things that you can do to make some really big impacts within your own community. Going into another year, it’s definitely a good and “green” thing to do.


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