Virtual Meetings the Green Alternative to Business Travel

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For a lot of people, traveling can be fun. However, when you’re traveling for business (and you’re doing it a lot), it can actually start to become a bit of a burden. Plus, if you’re someone who tries to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, knowing that you are using fuel to drive or fly back and forth may not sit the best on your “green conscious”. Luckily, there is a remedy for that. More and more companies are using virtual meetings as the green alternative for business travel. Here are five reasons why:

It cuts down on traveling. Without a doubt, the main reason why a lot of businesses prefer to have virtual meetings is that it cuts down on the travel expenses (and emissions). You can meet with the same amount of people, all while doing it from the comfort of your own office (and perhaps even your own home).

You can talk all over the world. Just think if you lived in Florida and you had to fly to London for a conference meeting. You have to book flights, wait for planes and get a hotel room and transportation back and forth. Plus, you have to hope that all runs smoothly in the process. But with a virtual meeting, you can talk to people locally, in other states and yes, even overseas for the same cost. This gives you the ability to not just communicate with individuals in England, but Africa and Asia, simultaneously, if needed.

The “minutes” can be recorded much easier. A lot of people who make eco-friendly choices strive to be really responsible when it comes to resources. If you want to cut down on the amount of paper that you use while taking notes and minutes in a standard conference meeting, virtual meetings can take care of this for you. Not only can you use this form of technology to communicate with others, but you can also use it to record the sessions for future reference as well.

The software comes at a reasonable cost. If you happen to be taking some online MBA finance courses, then you may have studied some of the different forms of web conferencing software that is available. Fuze Meeting Pro (it’s about $60 per month), Adobe Connect ($60 a month) and Cisco WebEx Meeting Center ($49 per month) have all received reviews for being some of the most reliable and up-to-date software that there is currently available on the market. And saving money is saving the material that it’s made out of (paper), right?

Editing can be done in the process. Another huge plus that comes with virtual meetings is that people within the meetings can actually share the software. This means that throughout the interaction, individuals can interact when it comes to things like creating diagrams, editing documents and building spreadsheets. That way, when the meeting is over, you don’t have to translate (or transcribe) all that was said. You can literally take the results that came from the meeting and immediately apply them. Brilliant.

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