How to Reduce Office Clutter and Get Organized

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If there is one place where things can tend to get pretty cluttered pretty quickly, it would have to be the office. For one, things can pile up when you’re distracted with a lot of traffic (staff members working or customers stopping by) and so there tends to be a temptation to simply put items down and revisit them later. Then, you look up, eight hours have passed and while you may have gotten a lot of work done, what you didn’t get to do was clean up.

If you have an office that looks a little more disheveled than you would like, have no fear. We’re here to provide you with five great ways for you to be able to reduce your office clutter, get organized and be more productive:

Go through it (all of it). Honestly, one of the main reasons why things get cluttered is because we simply put papers on the front table or mail on the desk without really making the time to go through what is important and what can be throw out (by that, we mean “recycled”). Based on how long that you’ve allowed things to accumulate, this could take a day within itself, but there’s really no way around the fact that you’ll need to go through all of the stuff to filter through what you need and what you don’t.

Create spaces. Once you know what you do need to keep in your office, you now need to designate specific spots for them. This may involve going to someplace like the Container Store to purchase some clear boxes. Or, you might want to go to a website like HGTV or DIYNetwork to learn how to build an additional vertical bookshelf. Or, you can even purchase “multi-functional furniture” like an ottoman than can “double up” as a seat, footrest and a storage place.

Label things. OK, if you have a lot of piles for your papers, that might be your own version of “organized chaos”; however, the word that you should really focus on in this case is “chaos”. Things will go a lot smoother for you if you actually make it a point to label all of the things in your office, from your office supplies, to your contracts and documents, to your bills. There are websites that sell product and security labels including Office Max and .Or, you can create your own by going to

If you have an empty closet or room, use it. Just like the clothes in our closets, within our offices, there tends to be things that are seasonal or that we don’t need to use on a daily or weekly basis. For the items that fall into that category, why not box them up, mark them and then place them in your storage closet or a room that doesn’t get as much traffic? It’s a simple solution to providing you with more “wiggle room”.

Straighten up every day. The 15 minutes that it will take to put your paperwork and pens up could turn into 2 hours if you don’t make it a point to clean up after the end of each business day. So, before you sign off your computer and turn off the light, be sure to give your office the “once over”. You and your office will be so glad that you did!


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