Top 5 Ways to Save Energy in the Office

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For those that want to go sustainable within the office setting and save money, there are all kinds of options to reduce waste and pollution, adopt a circular production cycle (recycling) in lieu of the traditional linear path (that leads to the landfill), and of course, conserve resources. Here are just a few of the best options for saving on energy in your office.

Energy audit.

This is a great place for any business to get started when it comes to saving energy (and money on utility bills). All you have to do is call the power company or an independent contractor to come out and inspect your property, searching for areas where the bought air is escaping. They will deliver a report along with suggestions about how to seal up leaks and improve the energy efficiency of your building. In some cases they can even offer you these patch-up services, although many will refer you to another vendor. You may want to conduct such audits on a regular basis (just like any kind of waste assessment) and your auditor can help you to set up an appropriate schedule.

Power-down policies.

Some businesses have started using IT software solutions to monitor their computer networks and shut down inactive work stations. But such programs can be expensive. So if you’re looking for another option, consider setting policies pertaining to usage of computer equipment within your office. By requiring employees to power down their computers any time they leave the office (lunch, off hours, etc.) and setting individual machines to go into “sleep” mode after a few minutes of inactivity you may drastically reduce the amount of electricity you use in your office.

Lights out.

It’s not too difficult to swap out energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs for CFLs or even LED fixtures. But if at all possible, you should try to operate with the illumination provided by the sun. You can do this with an open floor plan that lets outdoor light diffuse throughout the office. And if you find that you need more, consider installing fiber optic solar lighting, which operates via units that collect sunlight on the roof and transport it to overhead lamps indoors.


You might be scratching your head over this one. How can your landscaping help to cut your energy usage? Sure you can conserve water by planting native, drought-resistant flora and fauna on the grounds surrounding your office building. But that doesn’t necessarily help with electrical drain. However, the right type of landscaping can, in fact, help to reduce your need for energy. As you are probably well aware, trees provide shade. So when you have tall trees around your building you can benefit from cooler interior temperatures throughout the day. This could help you to significantly decrease your AC usage (and your electrical draw). In addition, trees provide life-giving oxygen. So crack a few windows and let the fresh air in once in a while.

Alternate energy sources.

This, of course, is the best way to get your energy completely off the grid, and there are many potential sources of clean, sustainable energy, including solar, wind, water, and geothermal power. If you want to protect the planet, then you need to forego manufactured energy as much as possible. So consider installing the equipment that will allow you to harness the energy supplied by the elements. One such option for those readers down under is solar energy by AGL.

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