Nominate a Green Business Hero: $150 prize!

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We’d like to celebrate the heroes of the new economy. The small and mid-sized businesses that are changing the world, regenerating natural resources, creating sustainable jobs that aren’t just outsourced at the first convenient moment.

We spend a lot of time blogging about the what’s, how’s and why’s of green entrepreneurship, and we feel we would like to focus a little energy on the who’s this month. It’s Independence Day in America, and we would like to use the occasion to promo

te independence from all the things we think are wrong with the world: big oil, GMO’s, too-big-to-fail banks, plastics, and the like. So, to show our gratitude for these inspiring changemakers, is going to buy $150 worth of gift certificates from a sustainable business that is really making waves, and give them away to people who can use them.

Do you have a social entrepreneur or a green business you’d like to nominate? Please do so, in the comment field below. Give us your nominee’s company name and URL, if possible, and a brief, less than 100 word description of what they do and why that makes them so great.

My colleague, Priti Ambani of Ecopreneurist, and I will pick a handful of really exemplary changemakers, and based on community feedback, pick a winner to award our social entrepreneur gift to.

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