Oakland to Host the First Solar Hackathon: Call for Developers

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The hackathon fever is taking over the Nation. After being hosted at San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Boulder, Santa Clara, now the cleanweb hackathon is coming to Oakland for the first ever solar focussed event.

Can you build an app in a weekend? Do you thrive in dynamic teams? Are you a creator, visionary and executor all in one?

This weekend’s hackathon in Oakland promises to provided another platform for all those hackers looking to intersect the emerging field of clean energy, tech and the internet, also called cleanweb. Like the other hackathons, the competition will run through the weekend where hackers and developers will spend 30 hours developing innovative clean energy apps.

But the hackathon in Oakland is a little different. It is the first solar-focussed hackathon with sponsors like Sungevity rooting for some solid apps that will accelerate solar energy adoption.

The Solar Hackathon brings innovative programmers, designers, and business minds together for one weekend to develop ways to accelerate solar energy adoption.  Participants build web-based solutions to make it easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable for people to power their lives with sunshine. We are trying to spark the creativity to lead the solar industry into a new era.   To do this we need people who defy old notions and have the ingenuity to play a role brightening our energy future.

What else is new at the Oakland Solar Hackathon?

The organizers are looking for two types of participants in each team:

Type 1: those who can take a problem or a parameter and turn it into a functional idea that can both be used and appeal to judges and consumers like entrepreneurs, business women/men and creative minds

Type 2: those who can take the marketable idea and convert it into marketable product through web design, programing, or the creation of a mobile application like web designers/developers, app designers/developers, programmers, graphic designers

But obviously the competition would love to have people who do not prescribe to these guidelines but can add a different perspective in the development process.  Once participants register they can sign up with Hacker League to meet other participants and form balanced teams of 2-3 people.


Each team will be matched with a coach that will provide one-on-one advice.  Coaches consist of a mix of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, startup incubator members, startup attorneys, and subject experts focused on development, design, and marketing and will assist the team in creating a useful, appealing, and polished product. . Coaches often provide both immediately actionable and long-term advice.


The event will offer several speeches by prominent community and fields members that can offer invaluable expertise, advice and motivation. In fact, after registration opens on June 8, opening comments will be made by the mayor of Oakland at 7pm.

Event details!
5:30 PM Friday, June 8th – Sunday June 10th
55 Harrison St, Oakland
(Quick 10 minute BART or 20 minute Ferry from San Francisco)


$2000 – Best Overall App
$1000 – Best User Experience
$1000 – Best Technical Accomplishment


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