Martifer Solar Aligns Profitability and Innovation with Clean Energy Solutions

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Can solar energy or solar photovoltaic cells become the energy security we are looking for?

Martifer Solar is an innovative company that specializes in offering all types of photovoltaic solutions adapted to the client’s individual needs.

“In simpler terms: we transform solar radiation into electricity, and deliver an end-product  to our client with all guarantees.”

Martifer Solar is an international solar solutions provider that began operations in the United States in 2008. The integral undertaking of these projects involves the engineering service, the  production of modules and solar trackers, the complete installation, maintenance and a financial analysis if needed.

The client only submits their needs, after which engineers, technicians and commercial staff start to adapt equipment to meet the specific conditions. They also facilitate an integral turnkey service for the investor client.

Martifer Solar offers a number of photovoltaic solutions, notable among them are the photovoltaic kits and the solar “smart park”.

Photovoltaic Kits

Martifer Solar covers the solar photovoltaic market for isolated and household facilities. It offers kits of components for photovoltaic solar energy generation. These packages are designed to produce from 1 kW to the nominal 5 kW. They come with all the necessary elements to erect a home solar photovoltaic installation simply, using “plug and play” technology. The solar photovoltaic microgeneration market is very popular all over Europe, particularly in countries like Portugal where there is legislation directly supporting this type of facility. The Martifer Solar photovoltaic kits adapt conveniently to customer needs and they are particularly suitable for providing clean energy to households far from towns and with no electricity supply.

BIPV Solar “Smart Park”

A new Martifer Solar product for architectural integration is an outdoor car park roof consisting of solar photovoltaic modules thereby fulfilling a two-fold function: that of harnessing available energy that is typically unrestricted in open car-parks and that of protecting motor vehicles from inclement weather conditions. This is a simple concept, with “plug and play” technology, is easily installed, and covers a new niche in the photovoltaic solar energy market. It is formed by a structure in the shape of a parking lot cover, standing on two concrete footings. Maybe this could be converted to provide a “powering station” for electric cars in the future.

Today, photovoltaic solar energy represents one of the most secure investment products on the market. Its return rate and high interest constitute an attractive investment option that has taken the sector to strong upward growth in recent years. Companies like Martifer Solar are helping to bring innovative solar photovoltaic products into focus, reinforcing the positive feedback loop for demand and supply in the renewable energy market.

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