Saving the Planet One Postage Stamp at a Time

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In the age of the paperless office, it is not shocking the United States Postal Service recently announced a $3.5 billion loss over the last fiscal quarter. This is a substantial loss which will cause significant ramifications in the world of sending and receiving mail. Many analysts agree the only way for the USPS to stay afloat will be to start selling off assets as well as asking for more legislation from congress. There will also have to be changes in contracts the USPS has now and will make in the future.

Of course, there will still be some services many businesses will rely on the post office for.  It is one of  the only ways to legally send letters to clients. Postage will certainly be on the rise soon, leading many businesses to start other options about how they can save money on postal needs. Many companies have now started thinking about purchasing postage meters as a result of this.

Saving Money on Postage
One reason why you will be able to save money using postage meters is because of postage scales–which weigh out each post. By knowing exactly how much each post weighs you will use exactly how much postage you will need to send the letter to your clients. This way you will be able to put such things as bills and legal correspondence in the mail to your clients without spending the extra money. Depending on how much mail you send out every day, you have the potential to save thousands of dollars in a specific period of time.

Saving Paper
Along with the benefits of saving money, you will also get the benefit of saving some trees. Postage meters print postage right on letters rather than on stamps, which will be affixed to the letter. The stamps that are printed by the USPS are small, but the paper they are printed on add up. When you are printing directly on the letter you will not waste extra paper.  Instead, you can print postage using biodegradable soy ink.

Personalizing Your Letters
Another great thing you get from using postage meters is that many companies allow you to load software onto your computer which makes it possible for you to create different themes for your postage. This way you can have your company logo and holiday messages on the postage. Your clients will be impressed by the fact that you have your own postage stamp, and it is just the kind of thing small businesses need to make sure their name is fresh in the minds of their clients.