Quick Tips To Make Your Company More Green

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Besides the obvious environmental perks of implementing eco-friendly gadgets to the office, it also is a good PR move for your company.  Marketing your company as not only the best in your industry, but doing it eco-friendly can be very beneficial.

Some companies won’t work with companies until they have been certified as green.  Obama is actually trying to pass a new law to make this certificate mandatory for all businesses.  Until this comes to pass, it is your job to make sure your company comes off green, and is getting ready in case that bill passes.

Depending on your industry this task can be easier said than done.  If you are an office based company it is going to be easier than if you mine for coal.  No matter the industry there is something everyone can do:

Energy Star Equipment
There are now ranging from Microwaves to water heaters, there are plenty of devices to chose from.  The Energy Star program is funded by the government, and you can even get tax credits for using their devices.

Bamboo Products
You now can purchase computer keyboards, a mouse and even speakers made out of bamboo shell.   Not only could this be a great option for those of you who have clients coming in, but a great way to show potential employees you are environmentally conscious.

Cut Down On Paper
This is good for your budget and for the environment.  Cutting down on paper consumption and recycling paper can save you a good amount of money.  Using the front and back of documents will give you double use out of your money.

Light Bulbs
It isn’t too hard these days to find energy efficient light bulbs.  They may be a bit more expensive than a regular light bulb, but factoring in energy costs it really pays for itself.
Another perk to these light bulbs are they usually (not always) last longer than traditional bulbs—again proving the ROI on the light bulbs.

Turning In Used Electronics
If you do like getting the latest and greatest tech devices, there are now companies you can sell them to that recycle devices such as smartphones.  “Consumers want the shiny object, the new iPad, but they don’t want to sell the old thing,’’ says Israel Ganot, Gazelle’s chief executive and a Silicon Valley émigré who once worked at eBay and PayPal. “Only about 1 percent of consumer electronics get resold.”  Also buying computers and other devices through companies like this can be cheaper, and a form of recycling.

What do you do to make your office more eco-friendly?

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