4 Essential Posts On Small Business Financing

Yesterday I received another email from small businesses asking for advice on where to get financing so I put together this list.  Three out of the four the resources are recycled Ecopreneurist.com posts.  I simply gathered them in one place:

How To Finance A Green Business by Leah Edwards is an excellent post that covers four potential sources of cash for green businesses: SBA loans, social-venture venture capital funds, Friends-and-Family financing and partnering with a nonprofit organization.

Recently, Leah also posted about Financing for Energy Efficiency Improvements. In that discussion she talked about how some private banks are starting to offer “green loans” for the financing of clean energy systems or energy efficiency improvements. These same banks may offer small business loans for green businesses. Community banks often favor green loans so after you read the post, if it seems like an option check with your community bank.

Operating a Small Sustainable Business: Resources for Ecopreneurs by John Ivanko is a great post that contains helpful information about the small business market, resources for writing a business plan and as well as several links to other valuable resources.

How To Get A SBA Loan on CoyoteBlog is a diary of the author’s experience obtaining an SBA loan. It has some great info and first hand insights. Also, the SBA has a direct link to financing resources.

These four are my top picks.  What are yours?

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