How Green Is Your Company? Consumers Want To Know!

Another study reveals/confirms that consumers want to know more about the environmental activities of the companies they patronize. A new study from the Natural Marketing Institute reports that consumers are “interested in learning about what companies are doing to…”

  • Recycle – 62%
  • Reduce waste – 60%
  • Reduce air pollution – 59%
  • Reduce energy consumption – 56%
  • Use more recycled content on products -52%
  • Prevent global warming, reduce greenhouse gases – 51%
  • Use less packaging – 50%
  • Use materials from renewable sources – 49%
  • Increase use of renewable resources – 47%
  • Reduce water consumption – 44%

Now, I’ve never heard of the for-profit Natural Marketing Institute (and they weren’t particularly forthcoming when I called them) and so I cannot vouch for their methodology, but if accurate, and I have no reason to doubt it isn’t, this data reinforces something I have discussed before: sharing your green activities with your customers is key to building customer loyalty and creating a competitive advantage. To not do so is a missed opportunity. So, if you do any of the activities listed above, and I’m betting you do, let your customers know. They are interested.

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