Wanted: Sustainable Businesses

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Looking for some exposure? Green Living Project, a media production, marketing and entertainment company, is looking for new sustainable business projects to document. Its all part of a new “sustainability platform [designed] to market and promote stories about successful sustainability projects around the globe.”

Using video, still photography and audio recordings, GLP creates case study documents which they then promote on their website and through “online content partners.” In 2008, GLP’s projects focused on sustainable businesses in Africa and included luxury safari lodges, a bicycle program for Rwandan coffee growers and the business practices of banana boat retailers. They have three international expeditions to Africa and South America planned and are then planning a domestic production schedule for the fall.

We all know that the market for documentaries can be slim so the question is: who is going to see them? To build in distribution, GLP partners with National Geographic Adventure and mega-outdoor retailers REI and L.L. Bean to spread the word to consumers through in-store lectures filled with of lots of promotional giveaways that are sure to bring in targeted consumers. While it’s not clear what it costs to become a featured project, and I admit that this could be a deal breaker, GLP’s mission seems solid and there could well be opportunities for a variety of sustainable businesses to gain exposure.

Use The Submission Form at Green Living Project to submit new projects for consideration.

Photo: Mihingo Lodge, Mihingolodge.com

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