Ecopreneurist Helps A Green Entrepreneur

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Awhile back I wrote a post about The Forbes Boost Your Business contest open to all entrepreneurs and offering $100,000 in prize money and, of course, lots of publicity. Last year the winner was Recycline, Inc, a manufacturer of eco friendly toothbrushes, razors and the like.

This year I predicted, with the high level of interest in green goods, ecopreneurs again had a great opportunity to take the prize. Even so I was a bit surprised to receive this e-mail from Tony Kvale at Kvalegames.

…our eco-friendly board game company’s (has advanced) in the annual Forbes contest to help young companies.

Tony goes on to say…

People have asked how I learned about this competition and I am fairly certain it was your posting I read in Ecopreneurist. I rapidly put together my pitch and finished it before the first deadline. For this notification, I thank you tremendously!

How’s that for a pat on the back for Ecopreneurist? Tony asks us to support his entry and raise the awareness of all of the great green business working to do well by doing good.

I am certain a number of your readers will also appreciate the opportunity to get involved through a two-minute online vote and help the growth of a family business with authentic sustainable principles. As you are aware, the polls are open through September, so it’s an instant call-to-action for people with greener interests.

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