World Economic Forum Honors Social Entrepreneurs and Calls For Fast Reform

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world-economic-forum-social-entrepreneurs.jpgThe World Economic Forum, held this weekend in Egypt, featured speeches by luminaries like President Bush of the USA; President Mubarack of Egypt and King Abdullah of Jordan but, eco entrepreneurs shared the spotlight.

Young leaders from the Middle East have called on their business and government leaders to implement reforms immediately and transparently if they are to fulfill their potential by 2025. “We need faster change to keep pace with what’s happening in the rest of the world,” said Amira Abdel-Aziz, a masters student at Cairo University.

Some of those facilitating change in the region were the winners of Social Entrepreneur of the Year for Jordan and Egypt announced at the forum. In Jordan, the winner uses a for-profit model familiar to many female entrepreneurs – take care of business while taking care of the family.

Zeinab Al Momani’s Sakrah Women’s Cooperative promotes the economic, social and cultural rights of women in the remote and rural areas of Jordan while operating as a successful for-profit cooperative.Its women members cultivate, manufacture, package and market the cooperative’s products and share in the profits, while their children are enrolled in the child care programme or benefit from school and university grants given by the group.

In Egypt, the winner used eco tourism projects to jobs in diversified industries beyond tourism, employing many local Egyptians in South Sinai, while preserving the beauty and natural heritage of (the) nation

Sherif El Ghamrawy …is the founder of two complementary organizations. He pioneered Basata as the first ecolodge in Egypt establishing South Sinai and the Gulf of Aqaba as an eco-tourism destination.

Congratulations Ecopreneurists!