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green energy island

Green Energy Will Provide Island with Reliable Solar & Wind Power

A tiny Greek island is converting to wind and solar microgrid to develop self-sufficient energy generation ...
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Ofgem Proposes Reforms That Support New EV Charging

How will the UK be able to cope with the large influx of EV drivers in the coming years? ...
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low carbon

California’s Low Carbon Energy Recipe is a Success!

California has exceeded its original near-term goals to reduce GHG emissions ...
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oil trader

World’s Largest Oil Trader Invests in Renewable Energy

Another oil insider is making the move to renewable energy investments ...
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global electricity

Global Electricity Investment on the Rise

While global energy investment didn't meet anticipated 2017 goals, global electricity investment did ...
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battery systems

Battery Systems Could Reduce Power Plant Needs

If all goes as it seems, extensive battery systems at data centers like that at Microsoft Corp. in southern Virginia ...
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Business energy company to consumer icon

Top 45+ Business Energy Suppliers in the UK

If you are looking for a business energy supplier, you could be making a big mistake by simply going with ...
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UK Business Electricity Supplier Comparison Guide 2018

UK Business Electricity Supplier Comparison Guide 2018

It’s no secret that finding the best business electricity plans and suppliers is no easy task for businesses. In fact, ...
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Gas icon

Business Gas Prices Comparison Guide 2018

Are you tired of looking through website after website, trying to find the best business gas prices? I get it ...
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